Youth at the Forum

The International Youth Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRR) Symposium will bring together approximately 100 young people from around the world to reflect on and discuss the progress and challenges in achieving the ICPD goals, especially those related to youth sexual and reproductive health and rights. Through dynamic panels and participatory group work, the Youth SRR symposium will also be an opportunity for young people to collectively develop ways to bring youth SRR forward to 2015 and beyond in their respective countries, regions and internationally. The outcomes of this symposium will feed into the Berlin Call to Action and the NGO Strategic Options paper of the Global Partners in Action forum.

To strengthen the international youth SRR movement by reflecting on lessons learned and experiences from the past 15 years of youth SRR advocacy, as well as looking to 2015 and beyond.


  1. To develop an enhanced understanding of the major accomplishments and challenges related to young people’s SRR over the past 15 years (within the framework of the ICPD programme of action and the MDG framework);

  2. To facilitate a dialogue with other youth SRR advocates, partners and funders about current priorities and key opportunities for future youth SRR advocacy and leadership on an international, regional and national level;

  3. To initiate the development of innovative strategies to enhance international youth advocacy for young people’s SRR (including identifying potential arenas, methods, partnerships and approaches for youth SRR advocacy).

  4. To prepare recommendations to include in the Global Partners in Action Call to action and NGO Strategic Options;

  5. To increase awareness about the importance of meaningful youth participation and leadership in the field of SRR;

The Youth SRR Symposium will take place on Tuesday September 1st, 2009 from 10:30 -17:30. As there will also be a number of satellite sessions organised by other NGOs in the afternoon and evening of September 1st, the Youth SRR Symposium agenda will be designed to allow youth participants to attend some of these satellite sessions if they so choose.

The Symposium will take place at the Estrel Berlin Hotel and Conference Centre located in the Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin, in the south-east region of down town Berlin, just 6km (15minutes) from famous Friedrichstrasse, Unter den Linden and Brandenburger Gate.

All youth participants of the Global Partners in Action Forum are encouraged to participate in the Youth SRR Symposium. There will be approximately 100 young people between the ages of 15 – 29 yrs from diverse countries around the world. Participants will have a vibrant variety of experience in a range of themes related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV and AIDS, gender, environment, and youth leadership development, among others.

The Youth SRR Symposium organisers will contact participants prior to the Youth SRR Symposium to provide preparatory and logistical information. If you have been selected as a youth participant of the Global Partners in Action Forum and have not heard from the Youth SRR Symposium organisers by August 20, 2009, please send an email to events[at]

Unfortunately, the application process for the Global Partners in Action Forum and the Youth SRR Symposium is now closed. Therefore, we are unable to invite any additional applicants.